Procurement Training

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About the course

With an aging population, local authorities and the NHS are looking at ways of delivering quality of life for people while at the same time controlling the costs associated with aging.

The cost of social care residential and nursing homes has soared and will continue to rise as demand increases. The reality is that most people want to remain in their own homes but are unable to do so as their homes have become user unfriendly. Usually moving into a care home follows after a fall at home. This leads to a hospital stay with people unable to return home and therefore bed blocking, costing the NHS millions each year.

The Government is committed to helping people live I their own homes. People can get financial assistance to modify their home to maintain their quality of life. This assistance can come in the form of Disabled Facilities Grants which are administered by the local authorities.

Local authorities are obliged to demonstrate value for money as well as protecting vulnerable individuals from rogue traders. The local authority usually manages the process through contractors that have demonstrated the ability to deliver home adaptations.

The concern for many in local authorities is how to go about setting up arrangements that ensure the maximum number of people can be assisted each year to remain in their own homes.


This course aims to help those responsible for DFGs:

  1. Create arrangements that speed up the allocation process to meet target timeframes

  2. Deliver Major Adaptations programmes via Framework agreements.

  3. Understand the dos and don’ts of public sector procurement

  4. Shape the tender as well as managing Framework members post tender award