Beginners Guide to Outcomes Measures and their relevance to the DFG

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About the course

This course gives a practical introduction to outcome measures and their relevance in the Disabled Facilities Grant process. The session will cover what outcome measures are, what outcomes we should be measuring, the benefits of measuring outcomes, and advice on how to use the data from outcomes to support commissioning and service improvement & development.

By attending this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Describe what an outcome measure is

  • Explain why measuring outcomes of the DFG process are important to the: a. Customers b. NHS & Social Care commissioners c. Home Improvement Agency d. Practitioner (Occupational therapist/Technical Officer)

  • Identify what outcomes can and should be measured from the DFG process

  • Name a range of tools currently being used to measure the outcomes from  the DFG process

  • Describe the practical challenges of measuring outcomes

  • Evaluate how data gathered from outcome measures can be used to support commissioning and service improvement & development